At MANE our company values form part of our DNA, they are the fibre that binds us together, the compass that directs our actions and behaviour and they are the building blocks of our future company culture.

I have already written about 3 of the 5 values (Passion, Team Spirit and Entrepreneurship) and what these values mean for me personally.  The thing I have realised, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, is that the meaning of each company values can, has and does change for me.

I believe that having company values is paramount to the success of an organisation, however, if they are just words on a wall in italics, then they are as good as useless.  For a company’s values to do what they are intended to do, then it is down to each of us to live and breathe them.

‘Responsibility’ is the 4th of MANE’s company values I would like to try and define today.  I recognise with this value it is one that can be interpreted at many levels and in many ways.

It could refer to our responsibility to our candidates and our clients, our responsibility to manage and influence the recruitment process to find a genuine ‘win, win’ solution.

It could be talking about the responsibility we have as a recruitment agency to ensure the environment in which we are placing a candidate or a contractor is safe and that we have done all that we need to do as a responsible recruiter.

It may refer to the responsibility and accountability that each of us as employees’ has to manage and drive our business forward.

It is possibly looking at the responsibility I have towards my team and colleagues in supporting them in their careers, to support them through the up’s and down’s that recruitment can all too often bring and/or the responsibility to listen when something or someone outside work has thrown a curveball and it is impacting the mental well-being of a colleague.

Is it the responsibility to ensure I lead by example, that I myself live and breathe the company values?

Is it the responsibility I hold to make a difference every day, the responsibility to be the best I can be, to not settle for ‘Mediocre Andy’.

Or is it the responsibility we all face at the moment, to come through this current global challenge better and stronger than before?

The answer for me (and as you have probably already worked out) is all of the above.  We ALL have a role to play in our success and the success of MANE, we ALL have a responsibility to try our best every day, to maximise each opportunity that comes our way and in the words of Deadpool, to put in ‘MAXIMUM EFFORT’.

So let’s do this, let’s take responsibility for our own actions, words, behaviour and let’s make a difference?