Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow



Mane believes in conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth whilst demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility. We believe that this approach creates a source of competitive advantage for our business. 

Our corporate social responsibility strategy spans 4 key strands: 

  1. Our Employees 
  2. The Environment 
  3. Our Community 
  4. Our Candidates

We work with our clients to ensure that our CSR outcomes are also making a positive contribution to their objectives, so that they can relax in the knowledge that their hiring supply chain is sustainable, ethical and compliant. 

We approach CSR as we approach our business in general – in a well-planned, structured, measurable way. 

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By the numbers

STEM ambassadors and Mental Health first aiders
nationalities employed
Tree planted for each new employee
management gender split

Values-Driven CSR Commitment

Mane demonstrates a commitment to corporate social responsibility across four key areas. This robust CSR focus reflects Mane's values as a conscientious, responsible business.

Mane promotes diversity in its candidate base and within its own leadership team, which is 50% female and 30% from ethnic minority communities. There are various facilities and policies to foster an inclusive environment for employees and contractors, including a fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) program with trained ambassadors. Mane also works to promote STEM fields to a diverse audience through school partnerships. Additionally, Mane is a signatory to the Modern Slavery standards and a recognised Disability Confident employer, reflecting its commitment to ethical and inclusive practices across the organisation.

Mane actively works to reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint. This includes setting fleet electrification goals, ISO 14001 certification maintained for over 15 years, ongoing identification of eco-efficiency opportunities, partnering with registered waste carriers for reuse/recycling, and requiring environmental management from suppliers and clients.

Mane operates under ethical, professional and legal standards, with various policies on equal opportunity, anti-bullying, labour practices oversight for clients, and commitments against modern slavery. As a fair meritocracy, there is also a focus on enabling employee growth and future-proofing STEM talent pipelines

Mane gives back through charitable work, local school partnerships to promote STEM, and an employee volunteering program under its community service initiatives. The company holds the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Certificate to support veterans' employment as well.


Creating Opportunities for a better tomorrow is what we stand for.

There is no hierarchy where CSR is concerned – everybody’s voice is equal.

It’s about doing the best job we can to ensure that the people we employ, those who seek work through us, the companies we supply to and the communities we operate in all benefit.

Creating Oppotunities for a better tomorrow

Glen Garcia - Learning & Development

When I first started at Mane, I was impressed to see CSR ingrained as an integral business practice - not just espoused values. Mane operates paperless, recycles extensively and we are encouraged to take paid time to support valued charities. We work with renewable energy firms to align on social responsibility and sustainability. On day one I was informed a tree had been planted in my name, and this is something they do for every new starter. We are also urged to participate in green initiatives. Mane builds corporate social responsibility into the fabric of company culture and client partnerships.

Alisha Bowell - Recruitment Consultant

Over the last 5 years here at Mane I have been very grateful for them offering CSR days each year. This allows me to support my local Peace Hospice which is a charity that is close to my heart. Thank you to Mane for allowing me these days so I can help and give back to my local community. It means the world to me and the Peace Hospice.


At Mane, we are committed to supporting STEM education and diversity, and we are proud to have STEM Ambassadors on our team. We recognize the critical role that STEM fields play in shaping our future, and we believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to contribute to these fields. Our STEM Ambassadors are volunteers who inspire and encourage young people to pursue STEM subjects both at school and as a career. They play an essential role in going into schools, colleges, youth groups, and community groups to act as mentors and provide guidance to young people. They also act as online mentors to continue their support during these unprecedented times. 

We strongly believe that diversity is essential in STEM fields. With most STEM fields operating on teamwork, having a wide range of perspectives on the team often makes the difference between success and failure. We acknowledge that there are forces pushing women and girls out of STEM, ranging from the crudely obvious to the insidiously subtle, and we are committed to addressing this issue. The benefits of diversity in STEM are enormous, with teams that have an equal number of men and women generating 41% more revenue, and 85% of big global businesses considering diversity as a critical driver of innovation. With a workforce that is 86% male, we are aware that it is necessary to address diversity in STEM, and we are proud to have STEM Ambassadors who are passionate about encouraging young people, especially women, to pursue STEM careers. We will continue to support their work and promote diversity in STEM education and careers.

We have set various policies and sustainability targets in place to maximise our positive impact on our clients, candidates, communities, and the environment. Our dedication to this goal has earned us recognition and plaudits across the industry.
Gary Shayler CEO
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