Britain's new innovation projects focus on environmentally friendly technologies

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More than fifty million pounds in government funds have been granted to thirty innovative an...

More than fifty million pounds in government funds have been granted to thirty innovative and new manufacturing projects. These projects include fast-charging motorbikes and self-driving vehicles. This will cement Britain as the greatest location on the planet to manufacture.


These grants will advance Britain's innovation of environmentally friendly technologies, assisting in the creation of jobs as well as helping the growth of the economy.


In addition, eleven million pounds of funding is being granted from APC to twelve start-up projects which have the goal of increasing the development of motorcycles, buses, cars and more. Projects include White Motorcycle Concepts, who are creating a fully functional fast-charge first responder motorcycle to be used by emergency services. To add to that, Wrightbus are increasing the projection of zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell electric coaches. Another project includes farm tractors running on hydrogen.


It is clear that the UK is filled with innovation projects which aim to focus on more eco-friendly solutions as well as help the economy to expand and grow. Soon, Britain will become the best country on the planet to begin and grow a business.

Britain’s automotive industry is now bursting with new and innovative technologies. These new emerging technologies are capable of creating new job roles which will help to accelerate the economy further. On top of this, these technologies can help us to reach the net-zero carbon emission goal set by the government for 2030. To achieve this, the UK government must work closely with innovative companies to target the right areas in the country.


The emergence of self-driving cars and other vehicles from the developments of AI has the capability to create a new way in which we travel. Whilst some people may have reservations about self-driving vehicles, they could actually make journeys safer than ever before as well as convenient and accessible.


Final Thoughts

The Government is keen on sticking on the path where a future in the UK focuses greatly on manufacturing, maintaining a competitive company environment and limiting the burden on business. The manufacturing industry holds a critical role in Britain’s economy and experts have identified enhanced manufacturing as one of five important growth industries. With this in mind, manufacturing needs to continue to be focused on by the UK government.


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