When I joined MANE in January 2019, I will be completely honest, I wasn’t sure about this particular company value – Entrepreneurship. I am not sure I fully thought about or understood what we meant by it?

A definition of Entrepreneurship - The capacity and willingness to develop, organise and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. (Source: Business Dictionary)

With the recent events that have impacted the world we live in and the situation, we all find ourselves in commercially, it now more than ever makes sense to me.

MANE is a global recruitment company, we work across multiple industries; Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, F1 & Motorsport, Energy and Rail & Infrastructure sectors. All have been impacted by COVID-19, some more than others.

As we now return to the office, as colleagues return from Furlough, we are at a crucial stage in our company history. We have never faced something so potentially detrimental to our business, but equally with every challenge, comes an opportunity.

With this in mind, it is easier for me to recognise the importance of Entrepreneurship. As a business, we need to ensure we have the correct strategic vision that we provide individuals the space, the time and the platform to focus on ‘their business’ and that we are there to support our people at each step. We need to encourage individuals to think creatively, to think about what they want to achieve with existing/new clients and the ever-important ‘how’ question.

Some of our competition will sadly struggle to ride out the storm, some won’t invest in their staff and others may not deliver the same level of service. And in my experience, many recruitment companies purely operate on a transactional basis.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about making a profit. For me it is about facilitating and encouraging creativity, it’s about ‘beginning with the end in mind’ and ensuring that we add value in everything we do. How do we stand out in a very competitive world with new economic and financial constraints? The answer lies in nurturing the talent that we have, engaging everyone in our business to pull in the same direction, and share a common vision and by encouraging each and everyone, to consider how they best add value to each opportunity.

It’s time for each of us to understand the role we play and the importance of that role. Not just in helping to grow and develop our business, but in truly demonstrating ‘entrepreneurial flair’, ‘imagining there is no box’ (credit: Darrell Atkins) and by leading by example.


“If not us, who? If not now, when?” – John F. Kennedy