Wheatley to Spend £100 million on Greener Homes

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Scottish social landlord Wheatley is launching a £100,000,000 plan to invest in sustainabili...

Mane Energy Team

By Mane Energy Team

Scottish social landlord Wheatley is launching a £100,000,000 plan to invest in sustainability projects as part of its long-term drive to become carbon neutral and eliminate fuel poverty.

The ‘Greener Homes, Greener Lives’ initiative will see the £100 million invested over the next five years in several projects, including:

  • £36 million for new double/triple glazed windows to improve the energy efficiency of homes;
  • £10 million for external wall insulation to improve thermal efficiency and cut fuel bills;
  • £10 million for ‘connected response’ systems that can cut the energy use of electric heating by up to 30% and reduce bills by up to £300 a year;
  • £10 million for new energy efficiency technologies as they become available.

Like other social landlords, Wheatley is working to improve its homes’ energy performance by 2032, as required by the Scottish government’s Energy Efficiency Standards in Social Housing (EESSH).

Stephen Devine, Director of Assets and Sustainability at Wheatley, said the company was “absolutely committed to creating ‘Greener Homes, Greener Lives’” and wanted to inspire Scottish communities, as well as its own staff, to work together to meet climate commitments and cut carbon emissions.

Wheatley has already invested in solar panels and energy-efficient heating systems in its homes, and plans to create more green jobs and apprenticeships in renewables and low-carbon alternatives to gas, like electric and hydrogen heating, as well as improved recycling and more electric vehicles.

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