UK Government Introduces New Measures to Support the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Industry

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The UK government has announced plans to introduce a new revenue certainty scheme, one that’...

The UK government has announced plans to introduce a new revenue certainty scheme, one that’s aimed at supporting sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The Department for Transport (DfT) has shared its commitment to introducing a revenue certainty scheme to support SAF production, with the aim of giving producers more confidence in the financial benefits of SAF.


Though the UK’s SAF programme is impressive, the government has highlighted the importance of giving the industry more certainty. The scheme, teamed with a SAF mandate that’s being introduced in 2025, will provide fuel security. It will also help to create over 10,000 jobs by 2030, a number which will grow by six times that amount by 2050, further boosting the economy.


How the DfT is Supporting the UK’s SAF Industry

To support the SAF industry in the UK, the DfT will consult on the revenue certainty scheme, to ensure that the development of SAF and further investments are being prioritised. It’s thought that the scheme will be funded by the industry and it will give the aerospace industry the confidence it needs to invest in SAF production, whilst also encouraging key players to be less reliant on fossil fuels.


Baroness Vere, Aviation and Maritime Minister, explained: “Not only will sustainable aviation fuel bring countless economic opportunities, including creating thousands of green jobs, this certainty will allow the industry to harness its full potential, bringing us closer to net zero flying.

This commitment is an important step to create cleaner and greener aviation in the UK and will cement our position as a global leader in innovation, creating a new talented workforce that champions decarbonisation and paves the way for future air travel.”


The Government’s Focus on the Aviation Industry ‘Going Green’ 

In order to ‘go green’, the aviation industry needs to develop technology that produces zero emissions. The government’s commitment to doing this has already been shown by the Advanced Fuel Fund, a £165 million boost that’s already giving investors reassurance that UK SAF is the way to go. It’s also supporting a whole host of research and aerospace innovation, driving forward the industry’s net zero goal. There are already talks of providing additional revenue certainty to foster the development, production and use of SAF in the UK.


Gaynor Hartnell, Chief Executive of the Renewable Transport Fuel Association, said:

“SAF project developers welcome this commitment and look forward to working with DfT to ensure the government’s ambition of getting commercial projection plants into construction becomes a reality.”

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