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As a specialist recruitment consultancy, focusing on engineering and science occupations, we...

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As a specialist recruitment consultancy, focusing on engineering and science occupations, we not only understand the importance of creating a pipeline of talent to prevent future skills shortages but owe it to our clients and the industry we serve too. That’s why we support’s campaign to create opportunities to inspire young people into STEM subjects and careers.            

We have selected Darrell Atkins, Donna Murphy, Stephan Stuart, Christian Pascale and Andy Pearson who will act as STEM ambassadors, providing career advice to young people and promoting opportunities in engineering, science and technology.

Gary Shayler, CEO of Mane Contract Services commented “Being a STEM Ambassador is more than just engaging and enthusing young people.  It is about being an advocate for the industry.” He explained “We are in a unique position, because whilst engineering and technology is a wide topic, we serve some specific niches, such as rail, energy, defence, aerospace and automotive.  So our team can really enthuse people.”

19.5% of engineers currently working in the UK are due to retire by 2026, leaving a skills, knowledge and experience gap.  With the number of students studying STEM subjects falling short of the number of vacancies created each year, it is clear a problem exists.  When you factor in the importance of STEM to the UK economy (current estimates put the skills shortage as costing it £1.5bn a year), then there is an added imperative.

Through a range of activities, including presentations, mentoring and careers talks, the STEM Ambassadors will play an essential role in inspiring the next generation to not only consider STEM careers but also to study STEM subjects.

Not only that, but they will also be promoting STEM subjects to those who are under-represented.  Particularly we are focusing on women and those for a lower socio-economic household. 

“As a recruitment business we do have a responsibility to the industry that we serve.  I am proud that we’re helping shape the future of STEM and reducing the skills gap.” 

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