New hands-free Ford model has been granted permission for use on UK motorways

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With Ford being given permission by the Department for Transport to apply driver assistance ...

With Ford being given permission by the Department for Transport to apply driver assistance technology in some of its coming models, across the 2300 miles of motorways in Britain. This will change the UK motor industry forever. 

However, it should be noted that these new hands-free models will require a driver to be in control, and have eyes on the road, but for the first time, they will be able to take their hands away from the steering wheel, as well as their feet off the pedals.

This is a revolutionary advancement in driving technology, which has already been approved in North America, but here in Europe, the UK are the first to have it approved. Whilst it is expected that these technology advancements will move across to the rest of Europe in the next few years.

Ford’s new Mach-E 2023 model will allow drivers to set the speed and distance they wish to travel from the car in front of them. This advanced technology has the ability to monitor road signs and markings as well as judge traffic conditions which will adjust steering, braking, accelerating and car positioning on the road.

The hands-free mode will activate once on the motorway and deactivate once it has exited. In addition, driver alertness is measured by the technology through an infrared camera.

Ford believes that this new hands-free technology marks an important moment for the industry. Likewise, Ford feels that these advancements will make motorway driving a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for Ford customers who try out the new hands-free models. Not only will driving long distances feel smoother and easier, but the new technology can help reduce driver errors, making driving safer.

The technology was tested across routes around the country, with various hazards such as weather conditions and roadworks to ensure it is totally up to scratch for use across the UK.

Ford has stated that this is a "watershed moment for drivers" across Great Britain.

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