Mane Engineering & Manufacturing Issue 12 - June 2019

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Our brand Engineering & Manufacturing magazine is issue 12! This issue features an array...

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Our brand Engineering & Manufacturing magazine is issue 12! This issue features an array of articles focusing on what is hot in the industry at the moment. We take a look into the benefits and future of 5G, discuss 5 hot jobs in the industry right now whilst looking at what it’s currently like to be a woman in engineering. We also look into the rise of 3D printing in healthcare, robots helping doctors today and how AI & Automation will bring benefits to the industry.

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Contactless Ultrasound

The world’s first contactless underwater ultrasound device has recently been used to scan a pregnant reef manta ray in the wild. Researchers worked with Manta Trust in the Maldives, home to the largest population of reef manta rays. Reef manta rays are a species that are under threat, doctors are hoping this could help them understand why rays breed in some areas but not others

6 Robots Helping Doctors Today

We take a look at six robots that are currently helping a number of hospitals and facilities all around the world. We look at exoskeletons who have enabled paralyzed people to walk, Nanobots that can carry out life-saving tasks such as attacking cancer cells and much more.

How Will AI & Automation Benefit?

With the rise of AI & Automation, we take a look at what it could mean for the Engineering & Manufacturing industry. It sure has improved production for the sector however many workers are worried about their future in the workplace. Will it replace jobs? Will it create more? Find out more here.

The Rise of 3D Printing in Healthcare

We discuss the benefits that 3D printing brings to the healthcare sector. With different types of 3D printing available it is impacting several different healthcare departments ranging from dental care to pre-operative models used for surgeons. Technological advancements in 3D-printing appear set to make it one of the most rapidly evolving technology in medical research.


Getting to Know Us...
Our Engineering & Manufacturing team at Mane is continuously growing and expanding to cover more and more areas of a very large industry. In ‘Meet The Team’ learn more about one sector we recruit in and a little more behind the staff that drive

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