Increased investments supporting the rollout of EV charging in rural areas of the UK

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The UK government wants to assist rural areas across the country by supplying electric vehic...

The UK government wants to assist rural areas across the country by supplying electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as well as additional customer electric inputs. They are doing so by granting a £7 million fund to these rural areas, known as the “Unleashing Rural Opportunity” publication.

This fund will cover four themes of connectivity, growth, housing and communities. Our Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pledges to create a better future for everybody in the UK and believes that this better future starts within the rural communities.

In fact, the UK countryside makes up over 90% of the country’s land mass. Our countryside is home to millions of residents. It should be noted that the countryside actually contributes over £250 billion to our economy in England alone. Rural areas are filled with not only natural potential but human potential as well, with strong communities and businesses at the heart.

By focusing on rural communities, the UK economy can grow the economy and strengthen communities. In order for the country to thrive, all parts of the country need to be properly supported with the right supplies and amenities.

Businesses and people in rural areas need to be at the heart of decision-making and policies put in place by the government. With this in mind, rural areas are seeking a sustainable future and therefore support needs to be put in place by the government now to achieve this.

The “Unleashing Rural Opportunity” publication sets up new initiatives to reach a goal of sustainability within rural areas across the country.

What is exciting news for the UK is that there has been a rise in investments to support the rollout of electric vehicle charging in rural areas of the country.

Earlier in 2023, it was announced that there would be an investment of £50 million in the EV charging points to bolster Northern Ireland’s EV charging network.

As of June 7th 2023, Wales has announced that they will be investing £15 million to boost the country’s EV charging facilities. This has come just in time for the phase-out of petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030 and helps this near-future goal seem much more achievable.

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