How can UK organisations protect themselves from cyberattacks?

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43% of cyberattacks taking place in Europe are targeted at UK organisations, with the UK pub...

Mane Defence Team

By Mane Defence Team

43% of cyberattacks taking place in Europe are targeted at UK organisations, with the UK public sector showing to be the most vulnerable group. In addition, the cyber attacks the UK are facing appear to be the most sophisticated. With UK companies as clear targets, cybercrime within the country needs to be monitored and a solution must be found.,

On top of this, with a rise in complex global challenges causing pressure on the UK economy alongside the current energy crisis, there is a greater risk looming over UK businesses.

However, this cybersecurity solution may not necessarily have to come from an expensive AI cybersecurity product. There may be an economically effective solution.

It is absolutely vital that British companies prevent the risk of limited insurability by re-thinking their strategic planning. First things first, businesses need to make sure they are focusing on delivering the essentials of effective cyber hygiene before they even think about deploying their limited capital on more complex services and products to protect them.  These basic cyber hygiene strategies will strengthen your business's security from the offset.

What can organisations do to prevent cyberattacks?

Organisations need to prevent unauthorised access and compromised user passwords. This is the bread and butter of cybersecurity and should be employed by all UK organisations, big and small. Try implementing an MFA. This will offer an extra layer of security by asking for multiple user IDs when trying to access business accounts.

Another excellent mindset UK companies need to adopt is the ‘never trust always verify’ approach. This approach of zero trust is designed to protect your business's assets by eliminating the idea of trust from your mindset, to avoid cyberattacks. Everything should be authorised, whether that be from internal or external devices.

Your business should always be keeping up to date with its systems. Out-of-date systems tend to be the main reason for cyberattacks. By ensuring you are staying up to date with your systems, you can help prevent cyber attacks. As well as this, You should be monitoring your infrastructure 24/7. By finding an early detection you will be able to respond quickly to potential threats.

If you are a business seeking to protect your assets from a cybersecurity attack then consider seeking cyber security expertise. These experts will be able to offer you advice on the best practices for protecting your business as well as security solutions and services.

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