Ferrari revs up revolutionary engine for 2022

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After Ferrari’s dismal engine performance in 2020, and with restrictions on developmen...


After Ferrari’s dismal engine performance in 2020, and with restrictions on development this year, it’s likely to be 2022 before the legendary Italian team can win back their place among the top F1 teams.

With many new rules set to come into force in 2022, rumour has it Ferrari are planning to shake up the sport with an innovative new engine concept.

2021’s Ferrari engine will just be an upgrade of the one that left them floundering in midfield in 2020. Whether it’ll be upgraded enough to make them a contender again remains to be seen; even Ferrari have said that their expectations shouldn’t be too high for this year.

That makes 2022 Ferrari’s year for a fresh start, and a fresh start calls for an innovative concept. reports that the Italian team are taking a big risk with a cutting-edge power unit that could be a game-changer for F1 – if it works.

Wolf Zimmermann is the mastermind behind this new engine concept, which could be the genesis of a new generation of F1 cars.

According to, the Ferrari concept involves separating the compressor from the engine – an idea already pioneered by Mercedes and more recently Honda, but with a couple of key differences.

First, instead of having both elements on the gearbox side, the 2022 Ferrari is expected to have one on each side, with a shaft connecting them. Second – and this is the really innovative part – the compressor will be inside the six-cylinder intake box, with a completely new intercooler arrangement.

This would make the engine more compact, allowing for more power and better aerodynamics. Reducing the size of the engine would also cut down on weight, thus improving the centre of gravity just as effectively as ballast.

While there are many potential challenges, if this idea actually comes to fruition and works well, the extra power and reliability should enable Ferrari to make the most of the new opportunities 2022’s rule changes will bring.

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