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MANE TO LAUNCH NEW ‘VINTNER’ DIVISION (The following was our 'April Fools' article for 20...

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(The following was our 'April Fools' article for 2019)​



Mane is proud to announce its newest division – the Vintner division. It is Mane’s first new division in a few years and allows Mane to continue working with an industry close to the core ethics and background of the company.

Going back to our birth as an engineering recruiter, we have never been afraid of finding people who are not afraid to get stuck into their work and logical thinkers helping to make high-end products. We firmly believe this also is the same sort of thinking and background needed when it comes to sourcing the right vintner and understanding the viticulture to process the working of grapes when it comes to vineyards.

We have a few people at Mane’s head office who are very keen to make their first visit to vineyards to experience what the companies are like to work with, their plans going forward and also sample their product to get a real taste for what is required. Members of Mane’s team are very experienced with select products, which will lend its hand to the process.

Stay tuned for updates coming out from our new Vintner division when it launches.

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