3D printers help to make the new world’s fastest aircraft

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New 3D printers will help make critical parts for the new world’s fastest aircraft. Ve...

New 3D printers will help make critical parts for the new world’s fastest aircraft. Velo3D a leading metal additive manufacturing technology company will be joining the project with Hermeus who produce hypersonic aircrafts for defence and commercial use. Velo3D will be combing their technology with Hermeus’ most recently acquired large-format Sapphire XXC that is designed from high-volume production which will then be calibrated for Inconel 718 which will then be used to build parts of the Hermeus’ Chimera engine and Quarterhorse aircraft.

The Chimera engine is a turbine-based combined cycle engine that will power Hermeus’ first aircraft while Quarterhorse is an autonomous aircraft designed to touch high Mach speeds and prove reusability. Metal additive manufacturing has been used in aircrafts before to lower weight as well as cost. Velo3D’s technology specifically has seen many companies use it in both the hypersonic and NewSpace industries due to being able to create complex, mission critical parts without having to compromise quality or performance. It also allows engineers to come up with designers quicker as well as simplify the supply chain

The CTO at Hermeus, Glenn Case has said ‘Metal additive manufacturing is a core component of our plan to vertically integrate production. As we explore the capabilities of Velo3D’s additive manufacturing technology, we’ll be looking for ways to increase performance, consolidate components, reduce weight of our aircraft, and minimise external dependencies.’

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