£12m funding for low carbon aerospace project has been announced

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The government has announced funding for a low carbon aerospace project totalling £12m. The ...

Mane Aerospace Team

By Mane Aerospace Team

The government has announced funding for a low carbon aerospace project totalling £12m. The money will come from a combination of various government and industry funding, with the aim of developing new aircraft wing technology as part of a plan to reduce CO2 emissions from flights.

There will be a focus on longer aircraft wings, as well as training local employees and apprentices. This will benefit the economy hugely, especially where technicians and engineers are concerned. With longer wings, aircrafts find it easier to lift without using quite as much fuel. This reduces the amount of CO2 emissions emitted per flight.

Airbus Filton Set to Handle Project

The project is set to happen at Airbus Filton, located in the South West, and the funding will be handled by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) Programme. Airbus Filton has already solidified itself as the lead UK site for R&D, and it employs close to more than 2,500 people in skilled roles. Thanks to this new project, Airbus Filton will be able to develop a range of technologies to improve fuel systems, landing gear and wing design.

When announcing the news, Industry Minister Nusrat Ghani said: “Our world class aerospace sector is helping us grow the economy and lead the way on greener air travel, and this new project at Airbus Filton will ensure the South West stays at the forefront of this innovation.

Low Carbon Aerospace Project Will Boost the Economy

The project’s funding will invest in new aircraft and manufacturing technologies, which will help to secure £20bn going forward from other private investments, which will have a hugely positive impact on the economy. Plus, this funding will benefit more than 100,000 jobs in the UK.

Recently, Ghani opened a new wing at the Technology Development Centre at Airbus Filton. This wing will be home to the next generation of aircraft wing production and technology development. She also highlighted the government’s commitment to supporting innovation and investment in a recent speech to manufacturers in the aerospace sector, with a large focus on the low carbon aerospace project in question.


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