Shell to install 50,000 EV chargers on UK streets by 2025

Shell has pledged to install up to 50,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points on streets across the UK by 2025.

The oil giant says it will also cover up to 25% of the installation costs to support local authorities in making the switch to electric vehicles.

By installing the chargers, Shell aims to help the UK achieve the government target of stopping all fossil fuel car sales by 2030 and to provide options for the 60% of people living in Britain’s cities who are without private or driveway parking.

It comes as Shell pledges to invest more in sustainable business and become a net-zero company by 2050 in an effort to shed its bad reputation as a contributor to the climate crisis.

Ubitricity (short for “ubiquitous electricity”), a charger company recently acquired by Shell, has been tapped to install the chargers.

“It’s vital to speed up the pace of EV charger installation across the UK and this aim and financing offer is designed to help achieve that,” said David Bunch, UK chair of Shell. “We want to give drivers across the UK accessible EV charging options, so that more drivers can switch to electric.”

So it seems the familiar logo will still be a common sight on Britain’s streets: instead of going to the Shell garage to fill our cars up, we’ll be going to the Shell charger. No word from Bunch yet on whether we’ll be able to pick up a packet of crisps while we’re there.