Women In Construction

Every company strives to consist of a diverse workforce, not just to create an enjoyable workplace environment but for the myriad benefits it can bring.

Companies and businesses that have embraced the modern mentality of a diverse workforce have famously enjoyed the likes of a stronger company reputation, reduced employee turnover and faster problem-solving; and this is just listing results that are objectively good for the organisation.  For those that are within a diverse company, there are even more advantages reported including, but certainly not limited to, a variety of different perspectives, an increase in creativity and generally a more positive environment.

In short, hiring people from all walks of life is a win-win for both a company and those within it, which is exactly why more and more companies (and industries as a whole) are striving to become more diverse.

It goes without saying that this includes hiring more women.

However, some industries seem to struggle with attracting women. 

There are things we can do in the immediacy, and also some longer term aims.

Initially we will:

  • Write clear, concise and gender-code free job descriptions, thereby increasing the number of female applications.
  • Welcome, diverse workplaces with positive brands, and actively promote these to our candidate pool.
  • Promote this initiative and attend Women in Construction and Women in Rail networking events.
  • Offer transparency regarding inclusion, progression and benefits to all female candidates.
  • Track our female applicants and report on how well we are doing
  • Ensure we have a good ratio of male to female staff in order to lead by example.

In the medium term:

  • We will reach out to schools and start conveying the virtues of the industry to women.
  • Attend career fairs
  • Undertake a long term community engagement exercise.
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