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It is widely acknowledged that STEM careers are male-dominated. With this in mind, we'd ...

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It is widely acknowledged that STEM careers are male-dominated. With this in mind, we'd just like to highlight the fact that especially in the engineering sector there is a massive lack of female engineers in the UK. The UK currently has the lowest percentage of female engineers within Europe. The Engineering sector is desperately in need of more engineers, it’s expected that the industry could do with around 20,000 more in the UK alone. It is estimated that only 11% of the engineering workforce is female. With that in mind, here at Mane we would like to highlight the opportunities that are available within the Engineering sector for women, whether it be as an engineer, scientist or so forth.

Our increasingly automated, mechanized world requires more engineers than ever and due to women not believing they could be the right fit for the sector, the world is struggling to cope with the demand as many women opt for other career paths. The UK alone need to increase the number of people with engineering skills, one report put the annual shortfall of STEM skills at 40,000.

With that in mind, the lack of role models could be seen to be a factor in the lack of women choosing a career within engineering. Engineering really isn’t about hard hats and rules anymore, there is a vast amount of opportunities available to females within the industry. 

Many companies are keen to hear from female candidates, however, due to the stereotypical view of an engineer being a man, many women tend to think that they won’t make the cut over a man, so do not bother applying. However, as a society we need to change this view, engineering is not just for men, many women who do go into engineering say it was one of the best decisions they’ve made career-wise as they thoroughly enjoy working in such an exciting industry.

It’s extremely important to challenge the stereotypes of the job as the more women that are visible in senior roles, the more likely other women will think that’s an industry they should consider for a career. The only way to change these stereotypes is for there to be more female role models.

University is definitely one way to enter the profession however, apprenticeships are increasing in popularity. Apprenticeships are on the rise as they provide you with an opportunity to learn skills on the job, be paid a salary and emerge debt-free at the end. Many organisations believe people that come through apprenticeships are keener to learn, thus making you more employable. 

With Mane having worked in the Engineering industry for over 25 years we believe more women in engineering will not only solve the lack of engineers but will also improve the industry, as it is proven that gender diversity within a company improves performance. Collectively we can all play a part in driving a gender-balanced world.

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