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At Mane, we offer a variety of methods in which the client can work with us. But, in this bl...


At Mane, we offer a variety of methods in which the client can work with us. But, in this blog, we will be comparing our dedicated search partnership, to our contingency recruitment. Perhaps, this will help provide you with a better understanding of which method may be more appropriate in fulfilling your particular needs.

Firstly, let us clarify the overt difference between the pair. In retained recruitment, the recruiter is paid an upfront, or sometimes scheduled fee. This means that from then on, the client will work with Mane on an exclusive basis, and only Mane will be looking for the required candidates to join your workforce. In contrast to this, contingency recruitment works on a ‘no win, no fee basis’. Multiple recruiters are invited to search for the right talent. If one is successful in finding and placing a candidate in a required role, then they will be paid accordingly. If they fail to do so, then they will not be paid.

Both types of recruitment have their benefits and drawbacks. If you are working on a larger budget, then retained would certainly be the wiser choice. However, contingency recruitment arguably allows you, as a client, to tap into a wider talent pool and bring several different perspectives into a brief. Although, this method can lead to confusion, for the diffusion of responsibility for finding the right talent means that at times, the brief can become to tricky, thus allowing recruiters to walk away at any time, especially if they are concurrently working on other lucrative projects.

Moreover, the dedicated search process offers confidentiality and discretion. Both of which are crucial. Your recruiter is the ambassador of your brand, hence, using one agency is advisable since you can better control the image they portray of you. When working with several different recruiters, the focus is not so much on selling the brand, as much as it is on simply fulfilling your required workforce.

In summary, contingency can often turn into a messy process, especially when candidates are approached by a wealth of recruiters looking to fulfil the same role. Dedicated search on the other hand, shows candidates the company is serious about the hire.

Finally, working with a recruiter is a decision made by which the client is looking to remove the stress from a time-consuming project. Working in a contingency, often puts the stress back into the process, for you, as the client, may find yourselves having to brief and manage several recruiters over a long period of time. Whereas working in a dedicated search program, means that there is a dedicated team working rapidly on your brief, turning a role around in as little as a week.

In contingency recruitment, you could find a good candidate. With dedicated search, you definitely will.


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