Transitioning employment: the new outplacement portal to support businesses and individuals

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Career transitioning can be both exciting and challenging. Whether an individual is looking ...

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By Mane Recruitment

Career transitioning can be both exciting and challenging. Whether an individual is looking for a change or a change is thrust upon them, what’s important is that they are supported.  Especially in these current times, many employers are unable to invest in professional outplacement support.

This is why Mane are proud to have developed a free online portal – which provides an easy-to-access outplacement offering.

Whilst it covers the essentials of CV writing, interview preparation, etc., it also covers newer considerations such as online branding.  Other modules include aspects that have become increasingly important, such as wellbeing.

Companies going through the painful process of making someone redundant often feel the moral obligation to provide their departing employees with support.  However at a time of financial squeeze this can be an expensive proposition, when money is least available.  Therefore Mane are partnering with these organisations to give them the necessary support required, for free.

Gary Shayler, CEO of Mane, said, “With our experience and expertise in recruitment, we can give candidates all the tools they need to find and win their ideal role, and we're right beside them at every step of the recruitment process. And because we're always up to date with the latest recruitment trends, we can pass that knowledge on to candidates and help them make their applications as strong as possible."

He's quick to point out that this is not an outplacement service in the traditional sense.  “Unlike most outplacement firms, we have a strong background in recruitment, which means we can get candidates up to speed with the latest developments in the job market and the newest application methods, so they'll be better prepared than the competition."

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