The Ioniq 5 N EV emerges with impressive features

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Hyundai has announced its first fully electric vehicle, the Ioniq 5 N. This new vehicle mode...

Hyundai has announced its first fully electric vehicle, the Ioniq 5 N. This new vehicle model is on its way to being launched in New Zealand.

Yet, the Ioniq 5 N is far more than simply an appearance model with some extra power. Looking at the vehicle’s battery and motors, the N gains a bigger 84kWh battery pack and changed dual motors.

The forward unit creates 166kW and the rear unit creates an outstanding  282kW. This means that the rear motor alone creates more power than the current Ioniq 5 flagship. Together, the two motors have an impressive power output of 448kW. When the driver activates boost mode, this power output will jump to 478kW. With this 0-100kph is achieved in just over three seconds.

The Ioniq 5 N provides superb straight-line performance. Hyundai’s N cars have developed a brilliant reputation due to how it reacts when the straight line turns curved.

Hyundai feels that the 5 N is far more sturdy than its non-N brethren, due to offering over forty additional welding points and a large amount of usage of bonding adhesive.

The vehicle's 400 mm forward and 360 mm back brake discs are the biggest it's placed on any model.

What’s great is that each wheel is extremely sticky. This means that the border between its hydraulic brake feel and reformative brake feel is completely unnoticeable.

In recent months, Hyundai has showcased quite a long list of self-titled new drive systems which have been created for the Ioniq 5 N and other up-and-coming electric N offerings. Some new drive systems which are on the list are N Race, N Drift Optimizer and N Launch Control.

Hyundai has even come up with a Torque Kick Drift feature, which enables drivers to imitate a ‘clutch boost’ that a driver would do in a rear-wheel drive car to initiate or broaden a drift.

With petrol cars soon to disappear in the coming years due to government restrictions and the high expense costs of producing them, now is the time to invest in electric vehicles with new drifting qualities.

Hyundai New Zealand is currently rolling out a full Ioniq 5 N section on its active website, featuring full specifications and an invitation for curious customers to register their interest.


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