Tesla's Shanghai plant produces 1 millionth EV

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Earlier this week Tesla announced that their Shanghai Giga Factory just produced their 1 mil...


Earlier this week Tesla announced that their Shanghai Giga Factory just produced their 1 millionth electric car. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk even put out a tweet saying ‘Congrats Giga Shanghai on making the millionth car! Total Tesla’s made now over 3M." This is very impressive as the factory only began construction in January 2019 and delivered its first electric car by December 2019. This was also during the time of the pandemic which stunted production for a while, though now it seems to be up and running as usual. This is also after the factory shut down in June as they wanted to upgrade the factory so as to increase its production levels even further.

The Shanghai Giga factory is at the moment the biggest EV factory in the world being able to create 750,000 units every year. At the moment the factory only produces Tesla models 3’s and Y’s but are most likely going to create more after this success story. The factory prides itself on being Chinese with 95% of its parts coming from local Chinese suppliers and 99% of its working staff being Chinese nationals. It is also the first car manufacturing site in China to be owned by a foreign company.

Elon Musk also said earlier this month that the Shanghai Factory has surpassed the Fremont Factory in California and is now Tesla’s main export hub. Tesla's combined installed manufacturing capacity as of the end of Q2 2022 was estimated at over 1.9 million units. It means that in about 12 months, we might see a new milestone of 5 million Tesla’s produced globally. Tesla representatives have also said that by the end of the decade they want their production levels to be around 20 million units a year which will see a four times increase.

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