Oxford Airport aims to become the leading UK hub for green transportation

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London Oxford Airport is aiming to become the leading UK hub for green transportation, as ec...

London Oxford Airport is aiming to become the leading UK hub for green transportation, as eco-friendly aircraft and technologies arrive over the next twenty years.

The airport announced that it will be investing nearly £50 million in research and development to attract greener technology innovations in the aerospace sector. On top of this, the airport will focus on encouraging start-up businesses in the field. Many of these start-ups are involved in battery research, hydrogen fuel and electric motors.

As part of this plan, eVTOL aircraft intend to start being delivered by 2026. Volare will be offering Lilium Evtol aircraft to private owners. This aircraft will provide a four-seat cabin layout n that is more spacious than the normal six-passenger model. Private owners will have the chance to customize the cabin with different materials and interior fittings.

By aiming this new model at a private owner market initially, who can afford the jet, it is a great way to test Lilium on a smaller scale, so that experience can be built on the product on a smaller scale before it is pitched to the mass market on a bigger scale.

The eVolare team has carried out a strong marketing campaign over recent months, to give these privately owned clients awareness of the all-electric eVTOL vehicle. The vehicle will offer a range of 155 miles.

What’s exciting about the new aircraft is that its limited noise will give it access to landing sites in the UK where current rotorcraft are not allowed due to the high noise.

eVTOL aircraft is just a small part of the planned new program at Oxford Airport. The UK government is working on establishing a hub for eco-friendly routes of transport in the aerospace sector. This includes creating a new generation of electric aircraft models through the use of different sustainable fuels. This could become one of the most eco-friendly airport solutions in Europe, making it a great success for the UK economy.

Greener technologies are critical for London Oxford Airport’s future. These new innovations will support the new generation of electrical aircraft. London Oxford Airport will be providing sustainable aviation fuel from 2024. Experts are mainly concerned about the techniques in which these electric vehicles will be charged. Charging stations will be extremely expensive to fit, and therefore professionals in the aerospace sector need to be sure that they will receive a good return on investment before taking the risk of financing these stations.

Whilst there are many challenges to come for a greener aerospace sector, and London Oxford Airport in particular, there is hope for a greener future, where the UK becomes the leading hub for green transportation in Europe.


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