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Last month, we had our RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) audit, and not...

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Last month, we had our RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) audit, and not only passed but significantly exceeded requirements in three sections.

RISQS is run by and for the UK rail industry under the stewardship of the RSSB (Rail Standards Safety Board). It’s the go-to supplier qualification service for anyone buying products and services in the industry, including Network Rail and TfL.

Basically, passing our RISQS assessment means we’re formally recognised as capable service providers for the rail industry. It means that whether you’re a client looking to source rail workers from us, or a candidate looking to find work in the rail sector, you can be assured that we practice the highest standards of safety management in what can be a dangerous industry.

In addition to passing, we gained three positive elements in the audit. Positive elements are awarded when a supplier significantly exceeds the minimum requirements in some area.

The areas where we did exceptionally well included our approach to proactively managing fatigue for rail workers; our approach to the occupational health and safety of our staff, and drug and alcohol testing, which is vital on the railways to keep both passengers and workers safe.

Here’s what RISQS had to say about each of the ways we exceeded the scheme’s requirements:

Fatigue management

Mane Contract Services have a very robust system for the control of fatigue, which includes a planning/monitoring system [Signal] that plans out potential exceedances during the rostering process. Actual hours are also recorded, and the system calculator Fatigue scores on a daily basis in alignment to the HSE Fatigue Index Calculator. The program provides notification if an exceedance will occur, resulting in a change in the rostering of the candidate. The system includes monitoring travel time [door to door] as part of the overall hours worked.

Drug & alcohol testing

Mane Contract Services have completed 44 unannounced D&A tests since the last RISQS audit. This was above 10% of the sponsored staff.

Occupational health

Mane Contract Services was able to demonstrate that workers under its control meet and maintain health requirements. Mane Contract Services is committed to the following occupational health surveillance programmes:

  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Pre-employment/Random Drugs and Alcohol Test [rail operatives]
  • Fatigue management
  • Medical Self-Assessment Questionnaire [commencement of employment & annual cycle]

Mane Contract Services also provide a range of services for their employed staff, such as Partnership with Champion Health, which facilitates Health and Wellbeing Questionnaires [Quarterly], provision of Mental Health First Aiders, Life Coach [monthly], Wellness Wednesday [Initiatives set by management] and access to an Employee Assistance Programme.

Nothing matters more to us than the safety and wellbeing of our staff and contractors, so we’re delighted to receive this endorsement that what we’re doing is working. Special thanks go to Gita Gajjar and Ester Pons, who managed the audit, for achieving this successful outcome.

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