Largest Offshore Wind Farm in the World Is Producing Power for the First Time

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Dogger Bank, the world’s largest offshore wind farm, has started to produce power for the fi...

Dogger Bank, the world’s largest offshore wind farm, has started to produce power for the first time. Though it’s still under construction, Dogger Bank has started to produce electricity for homes and businesses, marking a move towards cleaner, more secure energy. This is a big milestone for the project and a huge step forward for the offshore wind industry. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has celebrated this key moment in the project, highlighting that Dogger Bank is a key part of improving energy security, reducing electricity bills, creating jobs and keeping the UK on track to reach net zero goals.

Dogger Bank is currently being built in three phases off the coast of Yorkshire, eventually reaching 3.6GW of energy. Dogger Bank A was the project's first turbine, which started turning and producing electricity on Saturday 7th October. Using Dogger Bank’s high voltage direct current (HVDC) this power is now being transferred to the national grid. With every rotation, the turbine can produce enough energy to power a standard home for 48 hours. This is the first time that HVDC technology is being used on a wind farm in the UK.

Once Dogger Bank is complete, it will have 277 offshore turbines and a capacity of 3.6GW, and the ability to produce enough clean energy annually for six millions homes. This has the same CO2 savings as removing 1.5 million cars from UK roads. Upon completion, Dogger Bank will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm and almost as big as Greater London.

Rishi Sunak said: “Offshore wind is critical to generating renewable, efficient energy that can power British homes from British seas. I’m proud that this country is already a world leader in reaching Net Zero by 2050, and by doubling down on the new green industries of the future, we’ll get there in a way that’s both pragmatic and ambitious.”

Dogger Bank has embraced innovation, using a handful of world-firsts in supply chain delivery, many of which will significantly increase the speed at which similar projects can be developed in the future. It’s also the first time HVDC technology has connected a wind farm in the UK to the country’s energy network. Over 2,000 jobs have been created in relation to Dogger Bank, in regards to construction and operations, and of which are located in the north of England. This showcases that the project is creating long term career opportunities for a lot of people, ranging from those who are just starting their career, as well as experienced and talented candidates.


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