It's Men's Mental Health Awareness Week

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This week is Men’s Mental Health Week – a week dedicated to raising awareness of...

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This week is Men’s Mental Health Week – a week dedicated to raising awareness of the mental health issues that disproportionately affect men on a global scale. Figures show that 78% of suicides in the UK are by men – yet despite this, talking about it is still seen as a social taboo.

What can I do to manage my mental health? – The CAN DO approach

  • Connect – it’s important to connect with others and feel valued by them. Talking over texting, joining a club, and reconnecting with an old friend are some ways to help feel more connected. 

  • Be active – a healthy body is important for a healthy mind. Taking the stairs, stretching, and morning walks are useful ways to increase your regular physical activity.

  • Take notice – be aware of what’s happening and live in the present. Going for lunch somewhere new, attending local events, and spending more time in parks are perfect ways to live in the present.

  • Learn – continue to learn throughout life. Signing up for a class, reading books, and taking up a new language or instrument are good ways to continue stimulating your mind.

  • Give – Participating in social and community activities. Volunteering for a cause you care about, doing someone a favour, or simply smiling and saying thank you, are all good ways to give back to others.

Organisations that can offer support:

Here at Mane, we support all of our employees and take mental health extremely seriously. We believe that Men’s Mental Health Week is a great time to not only raise awareness about mental wellbeing but will also aid in tackling the taboo.

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