Huge push to improve air travel for wheelchair users

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There have been developments of a brand-new aircraft seat design to improve the quality of a...

Mane Aerospace Team

By Mane Aerospace Team

There have been developments of a brand-new aircraft seat design to improve the quality of air travel for wheelchair users. This new design has been called Air 4 All and aims to allow flyers who use a powered wheelchair to remain in their own wheelchairs for the entire duration of the flight.

Designed and developed by a UK-based company, Air 4 All will function as a standard passenger seat on the aircraft. Despite this, when required by a wheelchair user, the seat can be converted to accommodate a typical wheelchair during the flight.

Furthermore, Air 4 All gives flyers access to a headrest, centre console, tray tables and cocktail table. This gives the user full safety and comfort for the duration of the flight. On top of this, these features can be adjusted so that they are also available when a wheelchair has been rolled into position.

What’s excellent about Air 4 All, is that the product allows airlines to keep their original design of the cabin across every single seat. This will help to create a seamless boarding system and an easy experience for passengers with reduced mobility.

A full prototype of the seat will be debuted in June 2023,  in Hamburg, Germany. After this, it will be sent off to have the design finalised. After the design is certified, testing programmes to have the seat installed will take place.

Air 4 All wishes to explore new methods of delivering equal access for all customers. Their main goal is to provide comfort, safety, and dignity. After all, customers in wheelchairs deserve to have an enjoyable travel experience, just like everybody else. The wheelchair community deserve to revel in all of the benefits of Air 4 All.

The founder of Flying Disabled, Chris Wood has spoken up about the partnership with Air 4 All. He stated that a change in air travel provides those with reduced mobility with a safer and more comfortable method of travel whilst remaining in their own power wheelchair.

Whilst the creation of Air 4 All has been down to a collaborative effort and business partnerships, the seat will provide an optimal solution to the problems wheelchair users are currently facing when flying.

Why is accessibility important within the Aerospace sector?

Inclusivity is absolutely vital to enable everybody to relish in the freedoms that come with air travel. All passengers have the right to travel safely and dignified, especially those who use a wheelchair. From the aerospace sectors point of view, enabling accessibility on flights is not only ethically right but makes sense from a business standpoint to appeal to all types of passengers.

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