Government launches probe into decline in engineering apprenticeships

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The UK’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has announced a new...

Mane Engineering and Manufacturing Team

By Mane Engineering and Manufacturing Team

The UK’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has announced a new inquiry into the decline in engineering apprenticeships. The inquiry will look at causes for the fall in the number of young people undertaking apprenticeships in engineering and related fields.

The government's inquiry is part of its wider industrial strategy to boost productivity and economic growth in the UK. The inquiry will examine the various factors that have contributed to the decline in apprenticeships, and seek to identify solutions and possible improvements in policy.

The inquiry will be led by Ian Makin, a respected expert in engineering and construction, and will report in the autumn of 2023. Makin will review the current state of engineering apprenticeships and analyse the causes of the decline in order to identify potential strategies to reverse it.

The inquiry will include data analysis, interviews with relevant stakeholders, and evidence-gathering from employers, sector bodies and training providers. It will also seek to identify obstacles to apprenticeship uptake, including employer perceptions and awareness of apprenticeships, the availability of suitable qualifications, and the costs associated with the scheme.

The inquiry will also look at how to increase diversity among apprentices and increase the number of apprenticeships available in engineering and related fields. The government is keen to ensure that the scheme supports young people from a variety of backgrounds, and provides a pathway for them to gain valuable skills and experience.

The inquiry is an important step towards tackling the decline in engineering apprenticeships and boosting productivity in the UK. It is hoped that the resulting recommendations will lead to improved policies and increased opportunities for young people to access apprenticeships in the engineering sector.

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