Formula E reveals all-electric generation 3 car

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The other week, Formula E unveiled its new Gen3 car. Debuting for the 2022-23 season at Mona...


The other week, Formula E unveiled its new Gen3 car. Debuting for the 2022-23 season at Monaco’s Yacht Club ahead of the principality’s E-Prix, the all-new car boasts a redesign that Formula E states were inspired by the dynamics of a fighter jet.

Despite weighing 60kg less than its predecessor - with an increase in the number of parts on board – the key feature of the Gen3 machinery lies in its increased power capability. The car possesses a new-gen drive motor that produces 350kW at the rear axle. And under regen conditions, now co-exists with a front-mounted 250kW motor. This means that in sum, the car is capable of producing 600kW of regenerative power.

Formula E has estimated that now, 40% of the race in Monaco will be run using energy harvested from on the track, meaning that as a result, the car has a reduced battery capacity.

In addition, the car will have no rear brakes. Instead, its full stopping power for the rear axle will be handled by the motor under regen.

CEO of Formula E, Jamie Reigle, stated that “The Gen3 disrupts and challenges the conventions of motorsport, setting the benchmark for performance, efficiency and sustainability without compromise.”

This year – despite the organisation often accused of greenwashing – Formula E has focused on employing sustainable materials within its construction of the Gen3 cars. The design includes the use of linen and recycled carbon fibre that is incorporated into the bodywork.

Moreover, the new tyres – as Hankook replaces Michelin – continue the theme of sustainability. Natural rubber and recycled fibres contribute to more than 25% of the materials used in their construction.

Finally, the new batteries, designed by Williams Advanced Engineering, have been carefully produced to be recycled at the end of their life, whilst carbon fibre from the cars can also be recycled and reused.

With the eyes of the world on the principality, Formula E has unveiled a new generation of race cars. Two years in the making; the Gen3 pushes the boundaries of possibility in EV technology further than ever before.

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