Europe to 10X North Sea Offshore Wind

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At a summit in Ostend, Belgium, in April, the leaders of nine European countries pledged to ...

Mane Energy Team

By Mane Energy Team

At a summit in Ostend, Belgium, in April, the leaders of nine European countries pledged to quadruple offshore wind generation in the North Sea by 2030 and to increase it tenfold by 2050. The aim is to make the North Sea the world’s largest green energy plant, and to become independent from Russian fossil fuel imports after Russia drove up energy prices in response to Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine. 

With strong wind and shallow waters, the North Sea is a fertile field for wind turbines, home to world-leading turbine makers like Siemens and Vestas, and already provides 25% of Denmark’s power and 15% of Britain’s. 

The quest for alternative energy sources has recently been on the debating table during London Climate Action Week. More investment in offshore wind will boost Europe’s industry, which already employs 300,000 people and is providing offshore wind jobs for former oil and gas workers.

Europe’s offshore wind goals are extremely ambitious, especially given the economy and the fact that the lead time from the inception of a project to getting turbines up and running is at least five years. 

However, the North Sea could be a promising testing lab for energy trading–because renewables like wind and solar are variable, it’s vital to be able to sell or store power when it’s windy or sunny, and buy or dip into stores when it’s not. High-capacity cables across the North Sea already facilitate energy trading and could bring much-needed income to the area–making Europe’s ambitious dreams a reality.


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