COP-26 Plan for the Energy Sector

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COP-26 is sure to be the moment when the world moves from ambition to action. For the enviro...

Mane Energy Team

By Mane Energy Team

COP-26 is sure to be the moment when the world moves from ambition to action. For the environmentalists who loathe the arguments bemoaning the lack of political will to tackle climate change, it seems that the dithering occurring inside our governments is soon to become antiquated.

The EU Catalyst Programme, co-founded by Bill Gates, will finance breakthroughs in a variety of projects. From replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen; to developing sustainable aviation fuels for long haul commercial flights; to capturing the carbon in our atmospheres; and to storing it deep underground in geological formations; all of a sudden it seems not so foolish to believe that the houses of our parliament may no longer reek of kerosene perfume, but rather one of a more earthy scent.

With Europe to invest €1bn in clean technologies, Mane, much like us all, will have a vital role to play in the continent’s path to net zero carbon emissions by the half century. With this year’s emphasis on hydrogen, weaning the world off hydrocarbons and onto a path of net zero is certain to create a wealth of job opportunities within the renewable energy sector.

To move vast amounts of intermittent solar and wind energy from landscapes in which the sun and the wind is ample, to urbanised areas in which it is consumed, entails that the development of green hydrogen is imperative, as is the vast amount of industry professionals required to supplement it.

As highlighted by manager of Mane Energy, Stephen Stuart, such a feat would require a ‘collective human endeavour.’ COP26 has been indicative of a ‘collaborative approach to reducing the use of fossil fuels,’ and thus is a ‘huge step forward to protecting future generations.’

In the UK alone, research completed by Parity Projects proposes that by the year 2030, over 200,000 jobs could be created in the energy sector. Although, the UK government is perhaps ever more ambitious, claiming that 440,000 jobs will be created, of which 60,000 are specialised in offshore wind, and 230,000 focused upon construction and heating.

Moreover, in his foreword to the Net Zero Strategy, Boris Johnson enthused that by 2050, ‘everywhere you look, in every part of our United Kingdom,’ there will be an abundance of well-paid green jobs.

Correlated with the gradual decarbonisation of our economy is the increasing demand for a skilled workforce in the energy sector. But perhaps not so blatant, and surely not so often discussed, is the existence of a missing link. Manifesting under the hope of any initiatives promoting green recovery is the lack of technical expertise within this field.

If the governments of our world are to endorse their cornucopian sponsored solution to climate change, then a guide for developing skillsets is requisite. Whether school curriculums are to be complete with climate content, or higher educational institutions are to receive increased funding for short courses, until such matters take precedence, the energy sector, at the peak of its significance, will be a candidate-driven market.

In sum, the outcomes of COP-26 thus far have huge implications for Mane in its 29th year of specialist technical and engineering recruitment. Based in the UK, Mane Energy are committed to working with candidate partners to help create a greener and cleaner future.

By leveraging their expertise, Mane is certain it can find candidates their perfect placement in a market driven by its workers. To find out more, and to keep up to date with new opportunities within the sector, be sure to follow Mane on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and to follow the Mane Energy Twitter account.

‘Mane are proud to be a part of this solution, in supporting sustainable energy development projects around the world. We work closely with our clients to support their #NetZero ambitions, ahead of schedule.’ – Stephen Stuart.

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