Contractor of the month - November 2019

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This month’s Contractor of the month goes out to an amazing man with an amazing story....

Mane Recruitment

By Mane Recruitment

This month’s Contractor of the month goes out to an amazing man with an amazing story...Andrei Malearciuc.

His story starts when a client of Mane contacted Darrell Atkins (Director) after having walked past a man selling The Big Issue on numerous occasions. One day the client approached him and introduced herself to Andrei, who had fallen on hard times when he came to this country with his family. Andrei’s family were moved back home, leaving him alone, homeless and jobless.

Due to the lack of accommodation, Andrei had found it hard to acquire a job that would aid in him getting back on his feet.

Darrell asked one of his consultants Tre Skerritt to help the man find a job, fortunately Andrei was from a construction background. An interview was booked with one of our long-term clients and the necessary information was given to Andrei prior to the interview. Despite adversity, Andrei came out of the interview with a job! He presented himself well and smashed the interview. After the interview Tre hand-delivered PPE (protective equipment) to Andrei, in order to support him in starting his new career.

2 months on and Andrei is enjoying his job as a Workshop Labourer, and is also in long-term accommodation.

One of our policies at Mane is to never discriminate. It can be very difficult for unemployed people to get back to work, especially if they have no fixed address. As an employer it’s important to stay open-minded and steer away from negative stereotypes

Andrei was given an opportunity and took it in his stride. Thank you Andrei, for not only being brave but for your commitment and willingness to get back into work. As a way of appreciation for your hard work, please enjoy your £100 gift voucher delivered to you personally by Tre Skerritt.




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