Aircraft deliveries are on the rise for 2023

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Latest figures suggest that 2023 has seen more of a stable start for orders and deliveries o...

Mane Aerospace Team

By Mane Aerospace Team

Latest figures suggest that 2023 has seen more of a stable start for orders and deliveries of aircraft- with a 95% rise specifically for orders of wide-body aircraft. The good news comes despite the overall order book dropping by 34% compared to last year, and experts are confident that all indications point towards a strong recovery for international travel.

The first quarter of 2023 has seen 257 aircraft deliveries- the biggest since 2019- with the market recovery being led by single-aisle aircraft so far. These deliveries have risen by 11%, compared with a 10% decrease in wide-body deliveries for the same time period.

Overall, the deliveries placed so far in 2023 are worth a estimated £4 billion to the UK, and sector leaders are now looking towards a much brighter future for the industry for the first time post-pandemic. It’s expected that the final aircraft delivery numbers for 2023 will stand at around 1,190- a 4% rise from 2022, with production expected to boost even further heading in to 2024.

Now is a critical time for the industry, as experts warn that the supply chain and labour market must be able to keep up with this planned increase in production. Currently there’s a backlog of over 13,000 at 13,466 aircraft, highlighting  the immense work that’s been carried out over the last several years- that backlog is worth an estimated £212 billion. And recovery is further anticipated with latest figures showing UK flights arrivals and departures now sitting at below 14%, compared to this time in 2019.

Industry leaders are now looking to further stabilise the market, maintaining steadiness of orders despite rising costs- and in line with post-pandemic projections. This recovery does look set to continue, as deliveries continue to increase and confidence grows in international travel- despite orders overall being slightly down on last year.

But perhaps the drop in orders reflects merely the wider issues facing manufacturing, coupled with higher costs, which are affecting all industries across the board. The fact remains that wide-body aircraft orders are on the rise, and international travel is back on the cards for many, indicating that recovery is, indeed, on track.

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