A new research project aims to protect UK businesses from future cyber attacks

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A brand-new exploration scheme has been set in motion to assist organisations with understan...

A brand-new exploration scheme has been set in motion to assist organisations with understanding and improving their cyber security processes. On top of this, the scheme aims to help streamline help and support for businesses.

Researchers from a university in Nottingham have been given nearly £700,000 in funding to lead a scheme which aims to amplify the understanding of SMEs’ cyber security support needs and their capability of addressing them.

The exploration scheme has the goal of establishing pilot Cyber Security Communities of Support.

Britain’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey sadly found that 50% of small businesses, and one-third of micro businesses experienced cyber breaches or cyber-attacks in the last year alone. This showcases the importance of the research project in protecting businesses from cyber attacks.

The issue currently is that businesses are feeling overwhelmed by the vast range of sources and advice they are given on cyber security and as a result are not implementing strong enough processes to tackle the issue, due to hearing several different forms of advice from several different sources. They can find the advice hard to interpret, which is why clear guidelines need to be offered to businesses across the UK.

It is not an issue of expressing to businesses their need to protect themselves from cyber criminals because they are already aware of this need. Instead, it is important that businesses are properly supported on how to protect themselves and their assets from these criminals.

The process of gaining access to support against cyber attacks needs to be more simple for UK businesses. Therefore, a more accessible model of support needs to be developed.

The up-and-coming research will discover and explore potential scenarios where cyber security could be sought by UK businesses, and whether the support would be entirely effective in preventing future attacks or resolving the issue at hand.

With this, the scheme will analyse support pathways available to UK businesses, focusing on the quality and consistency of advice given, as well as the confidence of those experts who provide it.

What’s excellent is that this scheme is being supported by a multitude of partners from the Home, the Chartered Institute of Information Security and three regional Cyber Resilience Centres. Therefore, the right experts are behind the research to help make it a successful research project with positive outcomes.

If successful, this could be a critical tool in helping UK organisations fight against cyber attacks in the future.


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