World Mental Health Day 2020

Mane is pleased to announce that we have taken the decision after gaining feedback from our people and to endorse our commitment to ‘Putting People First’, to support Mind as our nominated charity over the coming year.

We fully support Mind’s belief that no one should have to face a mental health problem alone.  We advocate their commitment to listening, giving support and advice and fighting the corner of anyone who is experiencing a mental health problem.

On World Mental Health Day 2020 we’re getting behind Mind’s campaign to encourage people to Do One Thing for better mental health.  Mane has started by preparing a calendar of fundraising events to raise funds for Mind over the next financial year.

We’re also encouraging our people to Do One Thing for their own or someone else’s mental wellbeing.  You can do the same; we love some of the ideas shared by Mind…

  • Talk to someone instead of sending an email
  • Take the stairs not the lift
  • Put aside 5 minutes to find out how someone really is
  • Go for a walk at lunchtime
  • Find out something about your friends, family or colleagues
  • Do a crossword
  • Do something nice for a friend, or stranger
  • Start a new book
  • Speak to someone new
  • Smile
  • Take some time to enjoy the moment

You can share what you’ve been doing and encourage others to do the same using the hashtag #DoOneThing

We asked our staff what their #DoOneThing would be, watch below to find out: