Mane Automotive, F1 & Motorsport Issue 3 – October 2019

Our new Automotive, F1 & Motorsport magazine Issue 3 is out now! This issue covers the hottest topics; whether or not an F1 car can lose weight, electric Jaguar and Lotus cars are reviewed and ULEZ rules are explained.

All this and more in Issue 3 of the Automotive, F1 & Motorsport magazine! Click here to open.

Pure Electrics – Fight

The Lotus Evija takes on the Jaguar I-Pace in an electrifying battle for overall customer satisfaction. We dive into their exteriors, interiors, drive, price and reliability & range to give you our undisputable winner.  

Motorsport Update

Mercedes take the lead, with Ferrari close behind. Don’t fall back on all the Formula 1 and Formula updates. Read on, to get all you need-to-know, as we go through the points accrued by all major players.

ULEZ Rules

Still unsure about the new Ultra Low Emission Zone? Not sure where the ULEZ is? When it will be in full effect? If your car is covered by the ULEZ and why these changes are happening? Let us explain.

The F1 Diet

2019 saw a 7-kilogram rise in the total weight of an F1 car since 2018. Hamilton petitions for lighter cars, as the industry looks to the 2021 regulations overhaul.

Safety Crash Course

Get yourself an F1 safety crash course. We look through F1 safety from the 1950s to the present day.