Large scale car refurbishment in Amsterdam

A leading automotive solutions company which provides a range of logistics services to the automotive sector, including the importing and exporting of cars, first approached Mane in 2015 to discuss support for a large scale car refurbishment project in Amsterdam. They were seeking a range of professionals – from panel beaters and preppers to paint sprayers – to assess and, where necessary, refurbish cars that had been imported into their operating bases in the Netherlands.

The company were recommended to Mane by another company that the recruitment consultancy had worked with. Mane’s solid reputation in the sector, together with a demonstrable track record of sourcing contractors from its global talent pool for clients across the world, made Mane the obvious choice. With an initial requirement of 15 employees for a six month rolling contract, and a short timeframe until the project commenced, Mane had to not only ensure it found the requisite skills sets, but that it also worked quickly to prevent any delays to the project start date through a lack of personnel.

Mane carried out a comprehensive recruitment campaign adopting an array of tactics, not least tapping into its existing talent pool of contractors who had worked on previous assignments of a similar nature that were known to be seeking a new position. While this approach yielded an array of qualified potential candidates, the initial phase of the project was not without its challenges. Due to the location and duration of the project, contractors would need to source their own accommodation in an unfamiliar destination.  Consequently, Mane ensured that all potential candidates’ minds were put at ease by providing them with information on how previous professionals had sourced accommodation, what the likely costs would be and how far their commute was likely to be to the site locations.  Consequently Mane was able to successfully fill all 15 positions ensuring that the necessary compliance checks were carried out and that accommodation and flights were booked for all candidates so the project start date was met.

Due to the success of the initial recruitment campaign, the automotive solutions company awarded Mane the contract to provide additional employees as the project progressed.  To ensure Mane could source the additional skills sets required to service the large scale project, it widened its recruitment campaign to target not only UK based contractors, but also those closer to their three other site locations. Because many of the professionals had not engaged with Mane before, it was up to the recruitment company to not only demonstrate its expertise in international contractor management, but also the solid career progression prospects available to individuals by working at such a well regarded company in the automotive sector.

Through implementing a comprehensive recruitment campaign, and providing candidates with all the necessary information and guidance on working on the project – ranging from compliance status, to travel and accommodation - Mane was able to provide all the roles Koopman required. In fact, so successful was the project that many of the contractors initially employed in 2015 have had repeat assignments at the company, some of who remain at the company today in more senior positions.  In addition, Mane has continued to source staff for them on various projects over the past three years – a relationship that the recruitment company believes will last for many years to come.