Working with Import & Refurb centres and dealership networks throughout the UK and Europe our supply covers the vehicle refurbishment and enhancement.

  • Paint Sprayer
  • Prepper
  • Polisher
  • Smart Repair
  • Panel Beater
  • Strip fitter
  • PDR Technician
  • Vehicle Technician
  • Mechanical Technician
  • QA / QC
  • Estimator

When it comes to aftersales expectations, consumers have been shaped by other digital experiences.  The “one swipe” and “always on” approach of many leading suppliers such as Netflix or Amazon is quickly changing service requirements.  Aftersales services are seen as an inconvenience, those making it more convenient are likely to reap the rewards.

Technology already exists to make many of these changes, yet lots of the OEMs and car manufactures are not currently investing.  But this is something that is fast becoming an expectation for drivers, for which at the moment, these buyers are prepared to pay for. 

We are starting to see the first signs that aftermarket suppliers are looking to re-invigorate their aftersales offering for fear of being left behind.  This will inevitably mean that the challenges of skills shortages associated with the new technology could come to the fore quickly.  It’s therefore essential that those with the skills understand their worth, whilst those needing to hire such talent can effectively recruit and retain.

E-mobility, autonomous vehicles, connected technology, and electric and alternate fuels are resulting in uncertainty  for the future of aftersales.  There will be a shake-up of this sector.  We are ready and able to support both the OEMs and providers, as well as those professionals who are already in the sector or who will move across to it.