IR35 actions and timelines: Your next steps

  1. Start communicating with your contract workforce and their managers about what’s happening, and keep them in the loop throughout.
  2. If you made plans for IR35 in March 2020, take a second look at them, especially at the “Part & Parcel” and “Control” aspects, which may have been impacted by COVID-19.
  3. Provide all relevant staff with refresher training on IR35.
  4. If you audited your contractors in March, do it again, as your contractor population will have changed.
  5. If you made any IR35 decisions for March, make them again and share them.
  6. Make IR35 decisions for any new contractors who’ve joined you since then.
  7. Choose and get familiar with the right determination tool and process for your organisation. If you were using CEST before, consider alternatives.
  8. Make sure your appeals process is ready.
  9. Reinstate your internal policies, communication processes and FAQs around IR35.
  10. Update your IR35 timelines, especially pay and invoicing dates.

Review working practices
Review legislation and technology
Audit contractors
Start commercial negotiations
Make turnover plan
Re-establish appeals process
Set up new working processes
Amend contracts
Communicate with contractors and staff