Fatigue Management

The topic of fatigue has always been at the forefront of our responsibilities to our workers and clients who partner with us. This has been a key factor in our drive for continued innovation in the way we manage safety and fatigue and has led to the development of new technology that supports the highest safety standards and compliance whilst removing administrative burdens and human error.

We utilise technology to provide real-time alerts based on planned and actual hours to ensure that all Rail industry compliance requirements are met instantly. Set alerts directly in the interface or run and schedule compliance and exceedance reports.

  • Real-Time Fatigue - Automatically calculates and alerts on worker fatigue in real-time and can be adjusted for each duty type.  Reports on Fatigue Index Score and Risk Index Score.
  • Travel Time - Calculates door to door time from the workers home location to site and can adapt to other accommodation addresses.
  • Working Regulation Control - Alerts for all working regulations including maximum working hours per week, shifts worked in a row, minimum break and shift length.
  • Auto Update from Sentinel - Only allows compliant staff to be booked into forecast shifts and can dynamically pull from Sentinel and existing business systems.
  • GDPR Compliance – SSL encryption ensures compliance to Data Protection Regulations.
  • Exceedance Reports – Bespoke reporting for any given date range, site, and worker.

Home Safe Every Day.