Specialist Security Equipment: Local engineering placements

Mane began working with a specialist manufacturer of security equipment and systems designed for checkpoints, cargo, baggage, parcel and air cargo security inspection – over ten years ago to support its Redhill operation.

The firm was struggling to source the skills needed in a relatively small town. With a limited supply of local talent with the requisite experience and skill sets, attracting the required number of design engineers, project managers, technical authors, mechanical fitters and electrical fitters was a challenging assignment.

When Mane came on board the team took the time to understand how the shop floor worked, what the company culture was like and what appealed most to individuals working there. In order to overcome the location barrier, the team cast the net wider, assessing which surrounding locations would be suitable to source talent from, focusing on short commutes and assessing just how easy travel would be between the two destinations.

Armed with this information, Mane was able to tap into its extensive network of highly skilled professionals to provide a relevant shortlist. In order to further assist the company with ensuring applicants had the right skills for the job, Mane introduced trade tests for basic electrical wiring and basic mechanical assembly which the team set up and managed onsite at the specialist equipment firm.

Following the success of the recruitment campaign in Redhill, Mane was awarded a further contract to recruit vehicle fitters in addition to design engineers, project managers, technical authors, mechanical fitters and electrical fitters at the firms Stoke operation. Mane ensured it replicated the successful strategy it rolled out in Redhill of not only tapping into its vast talent community to source potential candidates, but that those candidates were also subject to onsite mechanical and electrical tests to assess their skill sets. The recruitment campaign was a resounding success with in excess of twenty contractors out on assignment at any given time.

Perhaps more importantly, the Specialist Security Equipment firm has seen a substantial reduction in its previously high churn of contract staff, with the trade tests mitigating irrelevant hires and an improved candidate experience increasing redeployment of professionals. Today, Mane still recruits for the specialist manufacturer and is seen as a key strategic recruitment partner.