Specialist equipment and clinical management: A long-standing redeployment relationship

Mane has been working with a specialist in the provision of radiation therapy, radiosurgery, related equipment and clinical management for the treatment of cancer and brain disorders – for over 15 years.

The company regularly experiences an uptick in activity between August and April, however it had historically struggled with finding the right temporary workers to support this demand. Based in Crawley, the firm faced managing a saturated talent market that was highly candidate driven which is why it turned to Mane for assistance knowing its track record in contingent recruitment.

When Mane began working with the firm, the team was solely sourcing software and test development engineers. However, following the success of this initial work which clearly demonstrated Mane’s talent reach, the spectrum of roles expanded to include shop floor contract staff as well.

Given the company’s previous struggles, managers were keen to have top performing contractors come back into the fold during busy times, however managing on-going relationships in order to achieve this became a huge struggle. This is where Mane’s strengths really came to the fore.  It ensured it was regularly communicating with previous employees so it could not only track what contracts they were currently working on and when they would be available for a new role, but also so it could quickly alert them when a position at the firm came up. By pipelining talent this way, Mane has able been able to redeploy contractors time and time again to the benefit of professional and client alike. 

Not only does Mane place huge value on maintaining and developing high quality candidate relationships, but its staff also devote time on site before, during and after placements. By spending time ensuring contractors have what they need in their position, Mane has truly become a go-to agency for contingent workers in the manufacturing and engineering field, with many recommending the recruitment company to other professionals and even potential clients. 

Mane has been so successful in sourcing contractors for the firm that today it is the main recruitment supplier. It has positioned itself as a strategic recruitment partner and formed a strong relationship which it expects will continue.