International control panel supplier: panel wirer project

The East Sussex-based firm which supplies rail industry control panels internationally faced significant challenges souring panel wirers to support its global projects. In a candidate-driven and highly saturated talent market, attracting the right professionals with both the technical skills and cultural fit proved difficult.

At the beginning of 2018, the company approached Mane following a recommendation from one of its contractors. Based on this and the team’s experience and track record in the industry, the recruitment company was quickly added to the supplier agency list.

In under nine months, the team at Mane has been incredibly hands-on, getting to grips with the shop floor environment and crucially the business culture. As a result, Mane currently has over 10 contractors’ onsite – more than any other agency has been able to achieve – with each of these expecting to remain in position well into the New Year. As a result of this achievement, Mane is now working exclusively with the control panel firm.

Mane’s commitment to delivering a top-notch candidate experience also played a critical role in delivering this high success-rate. Once a placement is made, the team’s involvement doesn’t stop there. Small gestures such as seasonal treats delivered on-site or regular visits to the shop floor have enabled Mane to maintain high quality relationships with professionals across the manufacturing and engineering fields.  

The work Mane has carried out to date at the firm has demonstrated its vast talent reach and commitment to providing candidates and client with a superior service. Consequently, it has managed to position itself as a strategic recruitment partner and formed a relationship it expects to continue for the foreseeable future.