Automation systems: A returning account

The Leicester-based firm, a specialist firm that develops robotic machinery for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, is a legacy client of Mane’s. However by 2018, due to an internal revamp, the company had completely stopped using contingent workers and was consequently not engaging with the recruitment agency.

Following a reintroduction through a candidate who had a great experience with Mane and the Automation system firm, the team had an on-site visit to re-familiarise itself with the company and its current objectives. It soon became clear that the firm was struggling to find local mechanical and electrical fitters and current direct hiring activity simply wasn’t delivering results.  Mane was invited in to formally pitch for the business and after successfully demonstrating its experience and current talent reach, was awarded the account.

The crucial element to this assignment was the need for a quick turnaround. In Leicester, electrical fitters are in such high demand that a delay in decision making can see top professionals quickly snapped up by the competition. In order to overcome this challenge, Mane worked with the supplier to introduce the idea of on-the-spot hiring. By using Mane’s trade tests to assess technical capabilities, team leaders were able to make an instant hiring decision that saw the contractor brought on board straight after the interview.

Having initially been given two roles to fill which Mane carried out with ease due to the new interview and hiring initiative, in just nine months the recruitment company has expanded its remit and now has 10 contractors onsite, with more orders in the pipeline. While the faster hiring process certainly helped make the assignment so successfully, Mane’s commitment to delivering the best possible contractor care was also instrumental. By regularly communicating with candidates before, during and after each assignment, the recruitment company has been able to efficiently redeploy individuals.