Semco case study

Across 2018 and 2019 Mane built on our already strong working relationship with with long term client Semco Maritime by being awarded an agreement for the recruitment support to the Culzean platform in Aberdeen. The end client, Maersk Oil and Total brought on board Semco Maritime to manage a proportion of the project due to their expertise and experience in delivering such projects.

The Culzean is a High Pressure and High Temperature gas condensate field with resources estimated to be 250m- 300m barrels of oil equivalent. There are 3 platforms linked by bridges; one for drilling and production, one for processing and the third for utilities and accommodation. As the biggest reservoir discovered in the North Sea for more than a decade, it was inevitable that there would be high demand for experienced professionals to capitalise on the find.

The contract was awarded in February 2018, with the first resources supplied in July 2018. The scope of the works for Semco Maritime included carrying our essential industrial electrical installation and connectivity works. The scope fully encompassing manpower delivery, project logistics and programme management and delivery of key milestones up to project completion.

Mane played a critical role in full project lifecycle support and sourced technical personnel which included:

- Compex Electricians
- Atex Inspectors
- Fibre Optic Technicians
- Commissioning Engineers
- Supervisors
- Area Authority Delegates

Mane deployed upwards of 100 individual skilled workers throughout his project and with robust recruitment and on-board processes in place coupled with extensive knowledge of working on similar projects we delivered to the exacting standards of our client. Our ability to quickly on-board, arrange travel, distribute PPE and arrange payroll for the workers was key in creating a positive candidate experience which aided retention on the project and created a positive and all-inclusive workplace which benefitted the project.

Mane were tasked with drawing upon their extensive network to recruit specialists, often talent that can be hard to come by. Such a high scale project means the involvement of unions and the potential for strikes. Mane was therefore responsible for ensuring that all contractors were treated incredibly well by building long term and personal relationships. When 75 people from the same company are essentially living together in close quarters for a year, a project's productivity, profitability and ultimate success relies on cohesive and contented teams. Thanks to high calibre of candidates and the level of service that Mane provides, feedback from both clients and candidates has been overwhelmingly positive.

The successful delivery of the Culzean project, coupled with the strong campaigns on Hornsea and Lincs Offshore Wind Farms led to the signing of an exclusive global framework to supply personnel across all areas of the business and in all operational countries. The positive collaboration between Mane and Semco has continued into 2020 with continued support on Wikinger, Hornsea and Racebank along with a solid future pipeline of work that Mane are excited to be part of.