JDR case study

JDR really has been a long-standing and trusted partner to Mane. Having worked together on 30+ projects, across renewable energy and oil & gas, really speaks to the depth of this collaboration.  The relationship dates all the back to 2014 and to this day has never been stronger. The contractors used on repeat hire by JDR via Mane really seem to believe in an ethos founded in loyalty and trust. This is especially important given how flexible specialists need to be for project-based work. Candidates will ensure they are always certified, committed and available at short notice.

With high volume supply of personnel for periods of 2/3 months on projects such as Hornsea, Beatrice, Seamade - it's imperative that all parties work well together and are focused to achieve the same goal.
Although it's the scale of campaigns that make projects in UK and Europe stand out, it's worth mentioning the global reach of JDR/Mane within the oil and gas sector. The desire for JDR's expertise has seen skilled technicians sent to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia and most recently Nigeria. This again speaks to the trust between clients and contractors, working together to arrange necessary visa and make travel arrangements.

With there being limited resources for certain specialists in high season, Mane and JDR rely on their strong reputation within the market to source candidates through word of mouth. Both parties can be credited with getting some people new to the industry their first trip offshore. For others it is just the prestige of being given the opportunity to work with clients like JDR and Mane, which is a very rewarding part of the process.