Hertel case study

Hertel Marine & Mane Contract Services was appointed to be one of a select panel of 3 suppliers on the construction of Princess Amelia Offshore Wind farm in The Netherlands (previously called Q7 Offshore Wind Park). The wind farm lies approximately 23 km off the Dutch coast, just outside the of the Egmond aan Zee project, in the North Sea. It consists of 60 V80-2.0MW wind turbines and has a total nameplate capacity of 120 MW. The project scope consisted of the installation of 60 turbines with diameters of around 4 metres with a length of 50 metres weighing an impressive 320 tonnes each. 

This was a particularly challenging project due to having to react quickly to changing weather conditions and significant logistical challenges, This meant that client wanted to create a strong, agile team that were able to respond rapidly to weather changes and overcome logistical demands. Mobilisation, compliance and governance were paramount throughout the delivery of the project. 

With the anticipated ever changing recruitment schedule, the client wanted to create a team that could collectively assume responsibility for the safe delivery of operatives. During the initial phase, a nominated account manager from each delivery partner was given a work area at the project office. The newly created partnership worked very well and together were successful in sourcing local accommodation and transportation and created a shared rota system to conduct onboarding and induction for new operatives irrespective of supplying delivery partner. Best practices were communicated via regular project meetings with the client throughout the project lifecycle. 

This collaborative approach had a significant impact to overall project delivery. The project ran to time and budget and was a positive experience for the operatives in a notoriously difficult environment. Manes experience in the field coupled with detailed knowledge of the project meant we were able to quickly identify skilled personnel from our talent pool.