Major Naval Defence Company

In 2017 a member of Mane’s leadership team was introduced to the Head of Talent for a naval defence company at an industry networking event. Following this introduction, the major navy defence company invited Mane to meet with their recruitment team and HR Business partners to further explore how Mane might be able to support their recruitment activities.

Impressed with Mane’s track record and reputation in the defence industry, they initially tasked us with sourcing a senior ‘hard to fill’ role. After a further meeting and conversations with the hiring manager, Mane shortlisted and presented 3 candidates, all were taken through a 3 stage interview process to identify the right ‘fit’. A successful candidate was selected, the recruitment timescale was just over 4 weeks from receiving the brief to offer acceptance and the account has since expanded exponentially – in terms of both volume of roles and geographical coverage. The business now partners with Mane for all of its hiring needs across its sites in Scotland, southwest of England and East Midlands.

This has included both contract and permanent positions including, but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Delivery managers
  • Transition Managers
  • HSE Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • System Engineers
  • Nuclear Engineer

Whilst Mane has been successful in managing subsequent recruitment campaigns for the naval defence company, they have not been without their challenges. The defence sector is a tight-knit community and relatively small when looking for these highly specialised experts. Consequently finding the requisite skill sets in the right location can often be a challenge. In addition, many of the individuals seeking – or indeed considering - work in the sector often come from an armed services background, meaning that the transition to civilian life can be a huge change and is therefore not for everyone. Mane took a pro-active role in assisting with this transition and took time to understand the aspirations and needs of each individual, supporting them at each step of the on-boarding process.

In addition to these challenges, as is this case with any form of recruitment into the defence sector, candidates must be put through a number of rigorous security and compliance checks. It is a requirement, for example, that all employees are security cleared before they can commence work. This process typically takes 6-8 weeks for SC clearance, Mane had to ensure frequent candidate communication throughout the process to prevent any delays or candidates pulling out of the process.