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Our expertise spans the whole 6 phase CADMID Lifecycle model, favoured by the MOD. From Concept, Assessment, Demonstration and Manufacture, through to In-Service and Disposal/Termination, it is characterised by approval points generally at either end of the Assessment phase.

Project and programme management, is an essential part of the defence industry. Recognising the complex and demanding requirements for large projects and programmes is an area where we can support. With project complexity increasing, the demand for risk managers, programme managers and project controllers is on the rise.

R&D is fundamental to the development of the sector and to the survival of commercial partners to the MoD. With the innovation fund providing investment, the requirement for those who have experience in robotics, AI and machine learning is becoming prevalent.

Across a range of defence platforms and technological areas, we supply electrical, mechanical, systems and software engineers into all service areas.

Typically we are placing systems and software engineers into all service areas, whether that be systems integrations or complex missile systems. With cyber security becoming ever more prevalent, systems and software is an area where all defence areas are investing heavily.

With advances in technology, defence based products are being manufactured in different ways. Consequently the quality and test function are also having to change. It requires sophisticated and innovative test solutions alongside smart automation to ensure that increasing global standards are exceeded.

Our expertise spans both blue and white collar roles across defence manufacturing and the associated supply chain. This could specifically be jig and tool specialists through to manufacturing engineers.

Whether it is mechanics dealing with the maintenance and repair of active equipment, or reprogramming software to support active missions, in-service support needs to be highly skilled and often deployed with minimal notice.

All defence based businesses have a need for the support service areas. Whether that be supply chain and logistics professionals, procurement experts or those working in HR, legal, finance and contracts. Increasingly change management is becoming a required skill.


Global Reach & Local Focus

With over 30 years of recruitment expertise, Mane has established itself as a leading consultancy with worldwide reach. We have developed extensive connections and networks that span numerous locations.  We can often provide granular-level insights on labour dynamics across different regions. Combining our broad global outlook with a deep understanding of local intricacies means we are able to provide tailored recruitment solutions to clients worldwide.

Our international presence enables Mane to:

  • Establish local recruitment hubs with local content.
  • Provide compliant payroll and employment solutions internationally.
  • Mitigate your legal and commercial risk by providing a compliant delivery.
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At Mane, we have a proud tradition of working with the UK Armed Forces and have been a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant for some time now. In February 2019, MANE were awarded the Bronze Award by the Employment Recognition Scheme and we are now pursuing the Silver Award!

The covenant applauds employers who actively support the Armed Forces community in their workplace and encourages others to follow their lead. We support the Armed Forces community in a number of ways, designed to better the quality of life for our contractors, candidates, clients, our own people and their families. Through core areas both for hiring into our business, but more importantly for hiring into the industry:

  • Strong policies to support Reservists
  • Positive recruitment of ex-military personnel
  • Attend recruitment fairs for ex-military personnel
  • Helping military families
  • Support for Armed Forces charities
Armed Forces Covenant

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