The UKs "values and interests are being challenged in the grey zone all over the world," Ben Wallace - UK Defence Secretary, 2020.

The "grey zone" he referred to is the type of hybrid warfare which Russia and China have exploited in recent years, centred on disinformation campaigns to divide and create confusion.  At MANE we understand the importance of the work we do in this area, providing consultancy and resource to support the ever-evolving ‘Digital Backbone’ protecting the UK and her Armed Forces.

Our Defence and Cyberspace team support project across several crucial Cyber domains and CNI (Critical National Infrastructure) domains;

Intelligence – Communities such as GCHQ/NCSC, MI5 (SS) and MI6 (SIS)

Government – Central government – Home Office, FCDO etc.

Defence – MOD sites and facilities from RAF Bases to Scientific laboratories, to Prime defence sub-contractors

We have a strong talent network within the Cyberspace sector, not an easy task as clearly the candidates we are working with don’t advertise their DV / UKIC security cleared status, so this network is built and evolves based on our knowledge of projects, sites and the work being carried out across these.

Some recent roles we have placed

  • Cyber Security Consultants/Analysts/Engineers
  • Information Security  Consultants/Analysts/Engineers
  • IT Architecture – Cyber, Information/Data, Network, MoD Network, Application, Infrastructure, Solution, Enterprise, Service
  • Red Team – Penetration Testers
  • Blue Team – Analysts, Incident Response, Security Engineer
  • Business Analysts – Cyber, Artificial Intelligence, IT
  • Network/Network Security Engineers
  • SOC – Engineer, Analyst
  • NOC – Engineer, Analyst

Members of our team come from Defence organisations and/or an ethical hacking, penetration testing, InfoSec background.